AP III Terms 21-30 Examples

Incongruous juxtaposition: The delicate Mr. Garrett...

Ignorant narrator: Harry Potter isn't even that good.

Hyperbole: It's so fluffy I'm gonna die.

Ethos: "I hang my credentials on the wall so you know I'm right" —Garrett, probably

Foreshadowing: "What could go wrong?"

Litotes: "I'm not happy Bob. Not happy."

Irony: "I love you," Joe's parents said.

Inversion: Powerful you have become, the Nard I sense in you.

Intransitive: Trenton Higgins, the insufferable loser, unexpectedly left. 

Innuendo:  Asking an annoying friend to leave the room, "Well, there's one too many people in this room my friend."